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Welcome to My Bird Harness club. In this post, we will discuss about African Grey Harness and Leash. We will also discuss, how you can take African Grey Parrot outdoor and give them a flight as well. 

Quick Tip: Bird harness and leash is used to worn by the parrot to take them outside without letting them fly away. 

African Grey is one of the most beautiful parrot that everyone would love to talk and hang with. African Grey is most intelligent and can mimic the person as well. These African grey have an intelligent mind and can remember up to 1000 words.

Common Names
The African grey parrots are also known by their names of the recognized subspecies: the Congo African grey parrot or CAG; and the Timneh African grey parrot, or TAG.  

Facts About African Grey Parrot  / My Bird Harness

  • There Is More Than One Type
  • They’re Among the Most Intelligent Bird Species
  • Caring for an African Grey Can Be Hard Work
  • They Can Live for a Very Long Time
  • They’re Hard to Keep Occupied 

Personality & Behaviour of African Grey Parrot

African Grey parrot is one of the most emotional and long living bird. They are too close to the owner and they can make very pleasant environment if you give them proper attention. Keep an African Grey is not an easy task, because they need social attraction otherwise they can be distracted very badly and you may need to hire a Professional to bring him on track.

Grey Parrot behavior is very social and appealing. It is often stated that African Grey are more nervous and less social but it’s not true. If you give them a proper attention and daily activity, then they might be your best friend for a life.  

African Grey Parrot Harness and Leashafrican-grey-harness

Harness and leash is the most common product to take your birds outdoor for different activities. The harness is a kit which will be worn by the parrot, while leash will be a kind of rope that will give you the ability to give your parrot fly.

As we all know that African Grey is a social parrot so everyone would love to take him outside while enjoying lovely weather outside.

Bird harness and leash is a very useful product or you can say a kit that you can use for your different parrots and different sizes. 

Best Harness For African Grey Parrot – The AVIATOR Bird Harness And Leash

There are many kinds of harness and leashes are available in the market. The Aviator Bird Harness And Leash is one of the most popular and affordable bird harness that you can purchase online.

The Aviator bird harness will cost you around $35 to $39 but it’s worth buying. We recommend you Aviator Bird Harness without any affiliate or anything because it has a huge impact on the life of pet lover and they left great feedback about this beautiful and multi-colored harness.

The Aviator Bird Harness has the complete package of a guide and has nice DVD along with it. You can adjust the size of a harness according to the Parrot (African Grey). It has nice colors as well so you can purchase the beautiful one that your African Grey likes. 

African Grey Harness Flight – Video

African Grey Harness and Leash / Harness Benefit / Bird Harness

There are a lot of advantages of having a harness and leash for your bird. One if you want to take them outdoor, then you can take them outside easily and without any danger of escape.

The harness is usually useful for large or medium size birds so you can take them easily. The harness and leash can also be useful without touching your bird again and again. You can enjoy with them if you are out for picnic or cycling or whatever.

What’s the best aviator harness size for an African Grey Parrot?


How To Train African to Wear a Bird Aviator Harness

Training an African Grey parrot is a quite challenging task because it’s a kind of big parrot like Macaw.

First, you need to buy Aviator Bird Harness online. Then, You need to watch the complete 45 min DVD and it will let you know everything about the harness and how to put.

After that, training African Grey for the harness, put the harness on his wings and body and see how he react. If his reaction is positive and not threatened, then remove it and repeat the process after twenty or thirty mins.

Now give a simulation training inside of the house and let him fly a little bit. Keep doing this training for two to three weeks.

Once you feel, your African Grey parrot is ready to see the new world outside, then take him outside and let him enjoy the new era of short time freedom.

African Grey Harness Training Duration

Well, it depends on the quality of training that you will conduct. If you are trained enough to traing the birds, then the harness is not a challenging task at all.

Normal bird takes around 3 to 4 weeks for complete harness training. 

Grey Parrot Harness Training - Video Guide

Helpful Tips:

  • Buy a quality harness like we recommend Aviator Bird Harness and Leash.
  • Make sure your parrot is well trained before you take him out.
  • Most of the birds are color conscious, so choose a color which shouldn’t be uncomfortable for your African Grey.
  • Keep your training and outdoor activities short to avoid any mental fatigue.
  • Before taking them to live exercise, an indoor demonstration is recommended.
  • Make sure your bird is comfortable if you are touching head or wings.
  • Keep doing harness training regularly.
  • Keep talking with your parrot one you take him out so he shouldn’t feel lonely.  


Instructions About The Aviator Bird Harness:

  • Aviator Harness Leash Extensions attach directly onto Aviator Harness wrist strap.
  • Beginners should start with short Leash Extension to gain experience with your flight area. It is easy to misgauge distances and allow your bird to land on a tree limb or roof that is out of reach. Many birds that are learning to fly are able to fly up but afraid
  • to fly down from high perches.
    Leash Extensions are made from high-quality nylon and rubber shock cords that expand as much as 100% depending upon the health and strength of your friend.
  • Do not connect multiple extensions together. The connection can become snagged on the grass making it difficult for a bird to maintain flight. Mow grass short to eliminate as much drag as possible when flying. 

> Buy Grey Parrot Aviator Harness Online < 

What Are the Types of African Grey and harness for them?

After doign the complete research, we found that people like two other types of African grey parrot which are: 

Timneh African Grey

This is the most common type of African Grey parrot. If you wist a pet shop, these parrots could be labeled with different names like Ghana, Togo, Cameroon or Angola, but these are the different names of the same species.

Timeh African Grey is larger than Congo African Grey, he is 15 inches long, with a 20-inch wingspan and it required longer leash and harness compare to the second one.

You can buy Aviator Bird Harness and it will be fit for these birds as well, because it is well adjustable according to bird size.


Congo African Grey

They are smaller shape of African Grey Parrot. They are around 10 to 14 inches but they fall into African Grey Catagory. You would need a small size harness and leash for Congo African Grey Parrot and adjust according to his size.

The Avaitor Bird Harness in small size will be the best harness for Congo African Grey Parrot.


Some Extra Information About African Grey And Harness

Where To Purchase Harness and Leash for African Grey?

Well, there are many places where you can purchase. If you have Petsmart near you, then it would be the best option otherewise you can purchase online from:

  • Amazon – The Aviator Bird harness and leash
  • eBay
  • AliExpress

How much does it cost to buy The Harness and leash For African Grey?

If you buy a quality and colored harness, then it will cost you around $35 to $40 for best bird harness.

How much do African GREY parrots cost?

African Grey is a cost bird and it will cost you around $1000 to $1500.

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