Do you want to take your beautiful Macaw outside?

In this post, you will learn about Macaw, Macaw Harness & leash, harness for blue and gold macaw and much more.

Quick Fact: Macaws are known as the giants of the parrot world. 

Macaw Parrot – The Most Beautiful & Multi-colored Bird

In this new world, everyone knows about the Macaw. Macaw is a long-tailed, multi-colored bird and a beautiful parrot loved by millions of people across the globe.

Macaw Parrot - The Most Beautiful & Multi-colored Bird

Macaws are one of the most charismatic and colorful species you’ll find in the Amazon.

Macaw is also known as the most prized pet birds on the planet. Macaw has various colors and sizes. Every color and size has its own uniqueness and attraction.

Macaws are native to the southern portion of North America (Mexico) plus Central America and South America.

Macaws are divided into two major groups. Large Macaws and small or mini Macaws.

Top 12 Interesting Facts About Macaw

  1. The hyacinth macaw is the longest parrot, with a head to tail length of nearly 40 inches.
  2. Macaw is considered as a most colorful bird.
  3. Macaw is a very social & intelligent bird.
  4. Macaws typically mate for life.
  5. Macaws can produce a very loud voice.
  6. Macaw lives a long life (around 60 to 80 years).
  7. Macaw can mimic the human.
  8. Macaws can adopt envirement very quickly.
  9. Macaws Are Strong Enough to Crack Coconut Shells.
  10. Macaw is an only bird which has a large number of varieties.
  11. Macaw has 18 living species.
  12. Macaw is between one of the most loved bird on earth. 

10 Types of Most Colorful Macaws

Macaw has around 10 different types that are well known.

  1. Blue and Gold Macaws (My Favorite)
  2. Greenwing Macaws
  3. Hahn’s Macaws
  4. Hyacinth Macaws
  5. Hybrid Macaws
  6. Illiger’s Macaws
  7. Military Macaws
  8. Scarlet Macaws
  9. Severe Macaws
  10. Yellow Collared Macaws 

Macaws Colors Chart 

Macaw Harness & Leash

Precaution is better than cure. You will be worrying why I wrote this quote. Because, if you do take some precautions then you could avoid further treatment.  

Like this, Macaw Harness & leash is a kind of product that can help you to take your Macaw outdoor without any escape damage.

Demonstration of the AVIATOR harness with macaws


Macaw is one of the most expensive bird so no one wants it to be escaped or fly away. Through harness, you can take Macaw outside and you can enjoy his lovely company.

Harness and Leash, these are the two things that you would need for this adventure. The harness will be worn by the Macaw and the Leash will be in your hand.

Macaw Harness can help you to give a flight as well. If you feel, Macaw is not happy keeping it inside of the cage. Then, Harness is the most recommended product to make him happy. 

How To Train Macaw For Harness & Leash

Well, this is the most interesting part of the harness subject. If your Macaw is not well trained for the harness, then buying a harness will be useless.

Before you think to take Macaw outside. You must be clear that Macaw is well trained for the harness.

If it’s not,

Then start the training.


Buy the Macaw harness. Aviator Bird Harness and Leash one of the most popular and adjustable bird harness that you can purchase online from different stores like Amazon.


Take the Macaw inside of a room and place him on a table. Now play with him naturally and show him, Harness, while hiding the leash.


Start touching the harness on his head and wings, let him bite and play with that too. Once you feel Macaw is comfortable with that, then start to step 4.


Add harness on the Macaw head and take it to the wings. If you are successful with that, then you can remove it and repeat the same process again.


Give him a little flight inside the room. Make sure your training should not be too long, otherwise Macaw will feel mental torture and will hate it to have again.

Things to Remember While Macaw Harness Training

Macaw Harness training is a technical game and you should be very much focused on that. You shouldn’t do all the training in one day. Keep doing the training for at least 10 to 20 days. While you put the harness, make sure to not damage any part of Macaw.

Before you start the training and you don’t know how to put the harness on Macaw, then I would recommend you to watch the video guide about the harness.

Macaw Harness Training Duration: 4  to 6 weeks.

The AVIATOR Bird Harness and Leash – Best Harness For Macaws

The bird Aviator harness is one of the most popular and affordable harnesses available online. The Aviator Bird Harness is popular due to its great feedbacks and reviews.

Peoples, who have used the Aviator Harness, left the great feedbacks about this product. The Aviator Harness is affordable, adjustable, and made with great quality. It has great tutorials and videos as well that can help you during this process.


Instructions About The Aviator Bird Harness:

  • Aviator Harness Leash Extensions attach directly onto Aviator Harness wrist strap.
  • Beginners should start with short Leash Extension to gain experience with your flight area. It is easy to misgauge distances and allow your bird to land on a tree limb or roof that is out of reach. Many birds that are learning to fly are able to fly up but afraid
  • to fly down from high perches.
    Leash Extensions are made from high-quality nylon and rubber shock cords that expand as much as 100% depending upon the health and strength of your friend.
  • Do not connect multiple extensions together. The connection can become snagged on the grass making it difficult for a bird to maintain flight. Mow grass short to eliminate as much drag as possible when flying. 

> Buy Aviator Harness Online < 

Blue And Gold Macaw Harness

Blue and gold is the popular color of the Macaw. Blue and is very friendly and talking bird that could be taken outdoor while picnic or cycling. Blue and gold is quite large parrot & its length is around three feet.

The harness is used to take your beautiful Blue And Gold Macaw in the jungle to give him a flight without fear of flying away.


The Aviator Bird Harness is most recommended harness for Blue And Gold Macaw. 

Greenwing Macaws Harness

The Greenwing Macaw has a very sweet and attractive color. He is very adaptive during the harness training and it takes less time to train him perfectly.

Greenwing Macaws do not accept the harsh behavior of the owner and always expects the appreciation during the harness training.

Greenwing Macaws do not want to be alone, he needs a social company and for that, the harness is a recommended product/tool that you can purchase to give him a great company.

The Aviator Harness & Leash is the best bird harness that you can put on Greenwing Macaws. It can give you a long flight as well. 

Hahn's Macaws Harness

Hahn’s Macaws is the smallest form of Macaws family. They are small in size but very social and attractive. They are quick in the harness training, respond well and behave well. It takes less time in the training and easy going.

As Hahn’s Macaws is a small bird and you will be wounding which bird harness or harness size should be purchased for his. So, I would again recommend you to get Aviator Bird Harness in the medium size and you will enjoy the rest.

Hyacinth Macaws Harness

Hyacinth Macaws is the largest bird in the Macaws family. Hyacinth Macaws is comparatively hard to keep and care off. Hyacinth takes more training efforts for the harness. Hyacinth Macaws are definitely not the recommended bird to the new pet lovers because it demands a lot of care and feed as well.

The large size of the Aviator Bird harness will be a good choice and if you feel any issue, then you can adjust according to the size.

Hybrid Macaws Harness

Hybrid Macaws is one of the most complicated breeds in the Macaws family. Hybrid Macaws is the mixture of different Macaws and only experienced pet lovers could understand them correctly.

Hybrid Macaws are not hard to train for the harness. In 3 to 4 weeks, you can train them easily as they are social and friendly as well.

The large Aviator Bird harness and leash is the recommended Hybrid Macaws harness.

Illiger's Macaws Harness

They are small in size compare to other Macaws. They love social attraction and enjoy the company of peoples. They are easy to train for the harness and leash and takes less efforts to train for talking as well.

Small or medium Aviator Bird harness will be recommended for Illiger’s Macaws.

Military Macaw Harness

As you can understand from his name a “Military Macaws”. They are angry looking but kind of social birds. Military Macaws are not easy to train for bird harness but if you work hard to train them, then they will respond quickly.

Small or medium Aviator Bird harness will be recommended for Military Macaws.

Scarlet Macaws Harness

They are large and beautiful like Blue And Gold Macaw. These birds need daily training and socialization for harness and leash.

Through Aviator Bird harness and leash, you can take Scarlet Macaws outdoor to give them a flight and let them enjoy the weather as well. 

Severe Macaws Harness

These birds are also friendly and social. Severe Macaws are easy to train for the bird harness and with that, they can fly up to 7 to 10 feet as well.

Severe Macaws required less efforts to train for the harness so it will you will enjoy their company while training for the harness.

The Aviator Bird Harness is the best harness for Severe Macaws.

Yellow Collared Macaws

They are kind of multi-colored like dark green, blue, black, white and yellow. Yellow Collared Macaws are very clever and tend to be escape artists, so it’s important to provide a cage or harness that is safe and secure.

They take a lot of efforts to train for the harness as they are master to escaped away but if you do it properly, then they will feel comfortable.

Medium Aviator Bird Harness will be recommended Harness for Yellow Collared Macaws.

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