As you know on My Bird Harness, we post articles related to parrot and bird harness. In this post, you will know everything about Parrotlet Harness, Mini Wings Parrotlet Harness, Parrotlet Harness Training, Parrotlet Aviator harness and some facts and info about Parrotlet.

Parrotlet Background Parrotlets

Parrotlets are a group of the smallest New World parrot species. Parrotlets belong to an Arini tribe. Parrotlet is a kind of a small bird and pet lovers love this bird due to its cuteness and social attraction.

Parrotlets mostly found in Mexico and Central and South America.

Parrotlets can also be categorized into family birds because Parrotlets are usually loved by family or small school kids because kids love to play with small birds like Parrotlet and others.

QUICK FACT: Parrotlets are the smallest of the New World parrots 

360º with Parrotlet Harness

7 Interesting Facts About Parrotlets

  1. Parrotlets are charming and captivating
  2. Parrotlets are intelligent and sharp
  3. Parrotlets can be trained for talking
  4. Parrotlets can live a longer life
  5. Parrotlets required lot of time for harness training
  6. Parrotlets are not noisy bird
  7. Parrotlets aren’t the best talkers of the parrot family

QUICK FACT:  Themost popular species is the Green-rumped parrotlet.

Type Of  Parrotlets

There are three main types or genus of Parrotlets

  1. Forpus

  2. Touit

  3. Nannopsittaca

Popular Colors Of Parrotlets

  • Blue
  • Green
  • yellow

Colors chart


Personality Differences

There is no big difference between male and female regarding actions and activities compare to Cockatiel. Parrotlets are very friendly if the owner spends some time on a daily basis or train them for the harness.

If you want them in the shape of a pair, then you would need a large cage for them because Parrotlets do not like the small place or to be in a pair. Parrotlets are hard to keep with other birds like budgies or cockatiel. Although Parrotlets are quite friendly with other birds and they do like the company but still they will fight for territory or food.

Parrotlets Harness & Leash / Mini Wings Parrotlet Harness


Before diving into the details of Parrotlets harness. Let me conclude why harness is required for Parrotlets?

The harness is used to take your lovely birds outside when you go for a picnic, cycling or playing. In case, if you take them without any effective measures, they can bite you or fly away.

Parrotlets harness is used to take your Parrotlets outside with you and let them the lovely weather with you.

Parrotlets Harness & Leash is also effective if you want to give a little flight to open wings and it is effective for the health of Parrotlets because birds love to fly.

Parrotlets Harness & Leash also called parrotlet flight harness or aviator harness because it can be used for multi purposes.

A lot of people search for mini wings parrotlet harness but if you buy a harness then consider it should be flexible and adjustable so it should not create any problem in size.

Parrotlets Harness and leash Benefits

  • You Can take your birds outside.
  • Your birds will be more friendly with you.
  • You can give flight to Parrotlet with harness and leash.
  • Parrotlet will feel more energetic and healthy.
  • Parrotlet Harness provides a pleasant experience to birds to give more eggs.

PARROTLET HARNESS --- UNBOXING (Aviator Harness & Mini Wings Harness)

The AVIATOR Bird Harness & Leash – Best Bird Harness For Parrotlet

If you take our review then “The AVIATOR Pet Bird Harness and Leash” is one of the most popular, affordable, adjustable and multi-colored harnesses that is recommended for Parrotlet and other parrots as well.

The Aviator Bird Harness comes into different sizes like XXXS, XXS, XS, S, M, Medium, L, XL, XXL.

The Aviator Bird Harness also have different colors like Black, Blue, Green, Red, Pink, Purple & silver. You can choose the size according to your needs but most of the people love to get mini wings Parrotlet harness.

The Aviator Bird Harness has 4.2 stars out of 5 based on 600+ review.

The Aviator Harness & Leash Benefits:

  1. Safe & comfortable: I’ve read a lot of feedback regarding this harness and I got a conclusion that people love this just because of it’s safe, comfortable and adjustable.
  2. Escape-Proof: It is escape-proof so you shouldn’t worry about your costly bird. It is created without buckles, loose clips or loose stitches.
  3. Smoothness: The elastic leash adjusts from chest to back as your birdie climbs and flies, and won’t pull back suddenly when he reaches the end of the leash.
  4. Video Guide: It has great DVD of harness training guide and how to put on Parrotlet.  

The AVIATOR Pet Bird Harness and LeashThe AVIATOR Bird Harness comes complete with a DVD showing:

How to easily install and safely use the AVIATOR

Training your pet to love the AVIATOR

Teaching older birds new tricks

Teaching your bird to fly outside with the AVIATOR

​Positive personality changes to expect 



Buy Aviator Harness Online

Mini Wings Parakeet Harness

If you have a parakeet with small wings then Aviator harness is also good to go product for your mini wings parakeet because Aviator harness and quite flexible and adjustable so you will feel no issue while fixing and adjusting.

What’s the best aviator harness size for a Parrotlet?

As we know that Parrotlet is a small bird and XS or small Bird harness will be the best option here. This harness can give you an option to take Parrotlet outside and let him fly as well.

How To Train Parrotlet to Wear a Bird Aviator Harness – Best Harness Guide

Parrotlet Harness- little birdParrotlets are wild parrots and they hate harness. To train Parrotlet for harness, you will need a lot of efforts and hard work.

You will need to spend some daily hours to train them and if you feel they like it then keep putting and removing.

Take your Parrotlet inside of a room and place him on a flat table or keep inside of a cage. Now show him some part of a harness and let him bite and play with it. One you feel now he is comfortable with harness color and size now touch that with his body and wings.

Repeat the process of touching with head and body. After successful practice, now try to add harness actually on the head of Parrotlet. If Parrotlet lets you add it then move it to wings and other body parts.

Remember, this practice will not be done in one day. You will have to repeat this exercise in several days.

PARROTLET TRAINING: Harness Training & Harness Review



Parrotlet flight suit vs harness

A lot of people confuse between harness and flight suit of a mini wings parakeet. The Aviator Bird Harness & Leash is a best bird harness tool that gives you an option to fly as well.  This harness, you will have 6 to 7 feet long leash and your Parrotlet can take flight as well.


Parrotlet Harness Training Duration

No doubt, that training a Parrotlet for Harness and leash is a quite challenging task. If you are a serious pet lover and wants to train Parrotlet to play and talk with you, then you will have to spend some good hours on his training.

Normally it should take 15 to 25 days on training and you will get to know if your Parrotlet is accepting this training and harness or not.

If you have purchased “The Aviator Bird Harness & Leash By The Aviator” then they have 45 mins video guide that will enable you to conduct an effective training.


Parrotlet Flight Harnesses You Can Purchase

There are a few places where you can buy the best bird harness.

  1. Local stores like PetSmart or any other.
  2. The second-hand harness on classified sites
  3. “The AVIATOR Pet Bird Harness and Leash” from Amazon
  4. eBay (Link)

How much does it cost to buy a Parrotlet Harness and leash?

It depends on the quality and length of a leash. But the average price of harness and leash is from $35 to $40.

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